How I Started My Podcast (Hosting, Equipment aka my iPhone, etc.)

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Hey there.

Here’s the back end of how I launched my podcast: Finance Guys In Tech.

The short version - just go scrappy and just go! You don’t need equipment :)

  1. For starters, I do listen to tons of podcasts while I’m doing other stuff (working out, walking), sometimes up to hours a day. It’s one way I love to consume stuff. It’s not a prerequisite by any means to making your own but I’m finding that I’ve been most successful in making content (of any type - written, audio, video, posts, etc) when I’ve been familiar with the medium from the perspective of a consumer and have developed some tastes and preferences. Just an observation.

  2. Podcast Background Info. I started by gathering a bunch of the tactics from Pat Flynn’s website. I just checked out his free content and it helped get the ball rolling.

  3.  Hosting. Pat Flynn’s site is where I got the idea to use Buzzsprout as the hosting platform. I’m currently using it now. I like it so far, it’s very easy and you can publish from there to all the major directores (Apple, Spotify, etc.):

    I’m on the $12 per month plan which lets me post up to 4 hours/month.

    If you use their free option you can post up to 2 hours/month but the episodes will delete after 90 days. It could be a good way to test.

  4. Website. First off, you don’t need a website to start a podcast

    That said, I use Squarespace for my website: because I need a ‘home’ for all my ‘stuff’, including my blog. I make a post for each episode.

    If you just wanna start a podcast a website is NOT a prerequisite. You can just use buzzsprout as your platform/home and get started.

    (side rant: but if you do want a website, Squarespace is my personal choice. I’ve had websites on Wordpress before this and Squarespace just does everything you need and gives you a sweet design. I ended up making my Wordpress sites really slow and clunky trying to get them to look like the way it is now on Squarespace and I haven’t had to rat hole on code. All I have to worry about is content creation and layout, which is what I wanted to be spending my time on.

  5. Recording. You don’t need to be sophisticated.

    iPhone. So far I’ve done episodes just using my iPhone voice memo app.

    Mics. I used some cheap lavalier mics (the ones that clip onto your shirt) that I just found off Amazon to record the interviews (these). I bought 2 sets, so I have 4 mics total. I use a couple of Y-adapters so I could have one mic for each person, depending on how many guests. The adapters come with the ‘kit’. You’ll need to get one of those ‘tail’ looking adapter things separately so you can plug it into your iPhone.

    I recorded the intro and outros by just talking straight into my iPhone using the voice memo app, with no mics.

    Mixing / ‘Audio Engineering'. I used this free site to combine the mp3 files into one audio file that I could upload to buzzsprout: You can do it right from the web interface, no additional software required.

    I have used LogicPro on my macbook to clean up the audio files a little bit but I’ve posted without doing that at all too. I’m familiar with Logic because I use it for recording music with the band my wife and I have ( You can totally get started without software. Just go the no frills way I’ve stated above.

    Garageband comes native on Mac’s so you could start to explore that for slightly more advanced mixing without buying Logic, but again, you can TOTALLY get this started without any recording software.

    Recording a Phone Call. I haven’t done this yet but was recommended to check out the call recorder app, ‘Rev’. I have no idea how well this works yet but am planning to try.

There is another interesting podcasting app out there called They have a sweet iPhone app where you can basically do everything I’ve laid out above (recording, phone calls, mixing, & distributing to directories) all from your phone. I messed around with the functionality and tested with posting a solo episode and one with my brother where he called me via the app. Both came out great and published seamlessly to Apple podcasts and to Spotify. NOTE My hesitation with using it was that I don’t know enough about the ownership and control you have over your show, since the app and hosting is free. I don’t know if they would place commercials over it or at the end. The benefit is that it was SO easy to get started. So the trade offs could be worth it, depending on your goals. Do the research and see. I went with Buzzsprout because I didn’t want to do the research and liked the idea of knowing that I was a customer.

So, those are the deets. As always, feel free to drop a comment or hit me up if have any questions:

And let me know if you make a podcast! Rock on.