TS #8 - How To Stop Fearing The Judgement Of Others

A mindset shift that can free you from the main thing holding you back…


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You fear the reaction of others: “What will my parents say? How will my friends respond? Who’s gonna like my post?”

There’s a simple way to fix this.

Instead of fearing it, it’s time for you to start loving the judgement of others.

Primal Mechanisms

The reason people hate on others is because they’re afraid.

Seeing another go for it forces them to look in the mirror. They tease you to justify their own excuses so that they don’t feel left out.

It’s part of the primal monkey brain that literally thinks it’s unsafe for them. Or your loved ones might think it’s unsafe for you.

Be empathetic. Hear it, decide if there’s any validity, but stop listening to everything by default.

Why You Should Love It

You want the universe to give you a sign that you’re on the right path, right?

Every passive aggressive question, every jab at your personality, every raised eyebrow, these are the very signs you are looking for.

Better yet, the absence of these kinds of reactions to you is a sign that you’re not doing sh*t. That nothing you’re up to is interesting enough for the status quo folks to even point out that you’re not complying.

The dog not barking my friend, that’s what should be scaring you.

At the end of the day, trying to do something because you ‘should’ just makes you a ‘meh’ version of whatever model you’re trying to be in your head instead of the insanely unique, kick-ass version of yourself that you truly are.

The Wind At Your Back

This is not about being a rebel for rebellion’s sake. It’s simply letting people express their fears without allowing it to affect your mindset.

Tease out the genuine love and let the rest be the wind at your back.  Let the judgement feed your soul.

Hey, it’s gluten free.

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