5 Keys to Getting A Job In Tech

*This is not a boring @$$ interview guide.

It’s just the conversation I wish I could have with every Amazon candidate before we start.


Interviewing is a separate set of skills than the job you are actually applying for.

I made this based on the exact problems I see business school students struggle with all the time as an interviewer at Amazon

This eBOOK will explain

  • What exactly an employer is thinking.

  • The real questions behind what is being asked.

  • How to make them understand why they can’t afford to pass you up.

  • How to sound less boring (‘cause you’re not).

What its Not

  • This is not a technical guide for finance people (eg, how does a cash flow statement work, etc)

  • This is not a textbook regurgitation, so there’s no talk about S/T/A/R or S.M.A.R.T. which are probably good but they’re kind of sleepy. I made up my own methods based on real conversations I have with candidates in interviews.

  • There are no gimmicks or hacks. Just a new framework for how to communicate more effectively.

Howya doin’

I’m Me, Charlie Kunken

Finance at Amazon since 2014 (Finance Leadership Program)

MBA New York University, 2014

BS Cornell University, 2005 

- -

½ of Goodbaby.band

Writer. Rider.

New Yorker. Artist

Since starting at Amazon in 2014 I’ve interviewed lotsa peeps. I was also a mock interviewer at NYU,

I’ve been where you are. I know what’s it’s like and I know I can help.

That about sums it up.

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Interviewing is a communication game

And this is a breakdown of how to play it better.

Maybe its the difference

Between candidates who get the job and equally qualified candidates who have not yet mastered the right communication skills.

It’s just comm. Not rocket science.