Hey, let me ask you something…

Does any of this sound familiar?

“When we are younger we all have visions of running and controlling our own lives, but I feel like mine is being run for me by something/someone else.”

“I’m too afraid to open my bucket list - I’d see how little progress I’ve made.”

“I find myself constantly fantasizing about quitting, not having to do this anymore.”

“I start to worry I’m being so unreasonable and that whatever I would do next would likely provide similar obstacles. Do I need to make some concessions [on my dreams]? That thought depresses me even more…”

“It’s exhausting. To make matters worse, it’s my lone source of income. How else can I do all the things I do well, make money in the process without constantly feeling like I’m hustling, climbing the corporate ladder?”

“I wake up most days with a lot of anxiety and little motivation.”

“Whats stopping me from getting there?…I don't know where 'there' is”

…if so then you’ve stumbled into the right place. This is what we do here.

Now What?

If you haven’t read it yet then check out the Transformation Summer Series on the blog: https://www.charleskunken.com/blog?category=Transformation

This will give you some foundational stuff to bring you awareness and to help you start climbing out of that hole.

After that?

After writing just the first few posts of the transformation summer series on the blog in June 2019 I started getting pinged immediately by friends & family with questions about their particular circumstances. That’s when I started jumping on phone calls and talking with people directly about their individual circumstances and helping them to figure out what where their next best steps to help them start the path out of their rut.

I asked some of them in an email to tell me how they felt after our first phone call, so I could put it on this page:

“[Before our call] I felt helpless and stuck in quick sand…now? Relieved (that feeling when you let out a huge sigh of relief) that this won’t be an insurmountable of a process as it seemed prior to starting. I.e., taking it one step at time via baby steps has me feeling energized.”

“Less nervous and scared to face these ‘obstacles’.”

So, maybe you should give me a call too?

Let’s do a consult and figure out where you’re at. I’m in the process of setting up a consulting biz and a schedule I can maintain so that I can help more people start climbing out of their ruts. If it seems like I can help you, we’ll figure out a way that I can spend more time working with you on this.

If it seems useful on the phone and you want to keep it going then we’ll put some regular follow ups on the calendar. If not, or if you want to just do one call to talk than that is totally cool with me. I want to talk to you.

I want to help and it helps me too. I love working on this type of stuff with people. That’s why I spend so many hours waking up at 4 and 5am to write about it every day (ok, every weekday) for the weekly blog post (btw, subscribe here). My job at Amazon requires that I do show up every now and then, so I know I have to gravitate towards making this thing into some sort of biz if it’s actually going to work.

Right now the more people I can talk to and learn about what problems they are actually facing out in the real world, the better I can hone my ability to be of service. That’s why I’m totally down to do free kick off calls (get in on it!).

Also, I know that if you’re reading this then you either know me personally, or you were told about this page by someone I know and love and that means I give a shit about you and if I can help you at all with one phone call then it would be my pleasure.

How did I learn how to help people with this?

Well, yea I have worked myself through a few shitty situations: job depression, divorce, existential crises, etc…and yes, I read obsessively about the mind, human behavior, those sort of things…I spend exorbitant amounts of time thinking and writing about it too, trying to figure out good takeaways from the stuff I come across and experience…and I think about it the same way I tackle complex stuff at Amazon, I break it down analytically and go from there…

…but really I am just good with puzzles. This isn’t about some secret knowledge that I have to give you. I’m a comrade who can get in the trenches and help you try to figure out this rubix cube. A fellow Goonie, and I’m game to try and help you outrun the Fratelli’s. (Slick shoes!!)

Plus, we’re not going to come away with some master plan. We’re just going to figure out what is one thing you should do this week. What is your best next step?

So, hit me up. Fill out this form below to email me (charlie@charleskunken.com). Let me know who you are and answer the following three questions so that I know what we have to work with. I’ll hit you back and we’ll schedule our call.

Feel excited? Good, get used to it. That’s going to be your guiding light. You’ve already started your journey out of this rut. If you’ve read this far than know I can help.

  1. Whats currently nagging at you?

  2. What does the ideal version of you look like?

  3. What’s stopping you from getting there?

Hit me up.

Aight peace, Charlie


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