1. Reading List

  2. Custom Book Shelves

  3. Where To Place Skulls

1. Reading is like making a stew.

one day I started a list of what i’d Been putting in the pot.

And it finally became clear what I’d been working on.

2. not just a place for old books

A library is a precision instrument.

You need to make custom shelves so that you have:

  • a space for organizing the classics,

  • a place for storing what’s on deck,

  • an excuse to sneak cigs in the garage, just kidding. I would smoke cigs though if it wasn’t so unhealthy.

3. placing skulls

—here’s how to place skulls and books…

  • Top shelf: fiction

  • Bottom shelf (no, not well shots), what was the question?

  • Proper Feng shui? Shortest to tallest from left to right. Oy, freakin’ virgos.