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Past Projects


‘For Now’ (2019) For Now

‘For Now’ (2019) For Now

‘The Lost Tapes’ (2017) For Now

‘The Lost Tapes’ (2017) For Now

‘Horrible Calls’ (2011) Left Me Bashful

‘Horrible Calls’ (2011) Left Me Bashful

‘Heart’s in the Right Place’ (2009) Left Me Bashful

‘Heart’s in the Right Place’ (2009) Left Me Bashful

for now

Seattele, WA

The For Now project was how I met my wife, Nikki. We actually met at the School of Rock in Seattle before we started the band in 2016. It was Nikki’s idea. She fronted, I played bass and we co-wrote the songs while slowly becoming great friends. Nikki also recruited our pal Vimal from the School of Rock to shred guitar and later we picked up Sue on drums. I always said we were like the Black Eyed Peas except with a jew (me).

The band got off the ground via the Seattle dive bar circuit. It started out as a rock/pop cover project playing all sorts of stuff we loved. Guns ‘N Roses, Amy Winehouse, Soundgarden, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson…if it was loud we were in. What tied it all together was a sense of duty: to give you an excuse to go out and make some bad decisions, to get you moving.

We experimented recording a couple original demo tracks in early 2017 and liked what was happening so we got busy writing more of our own stuff. In 2018 we recorded the ‘For Now EP’ and launched it at the start of 2019. Here’s the first track:

The rest are up on the For Now website and the usual places (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon).

And here’s one of our favorites from The Lost Tapes (2017):


I’m very proud to have been the original drummer with these guys and to have had some hair for several years when we were playing together back in NYC. No matter your feelings on the music if you were friends with us and lived in the city from 2008-2010 you probably hooked up at an LMB show.

The group was started & fronted by by Phil Vicario. Mike McConnell from Philadelphia played the keys. My first jam with Phil was with a djembe and a two-sided salt shaker/pepper grinder to keep a rhythm at my old shoe box-sized apartment at 33rd and 3rd. Despite getting salt all over the floor something was grooving. The three of us had a hell of a time finding places to put my drum set in NYC.

During my time with the band we would go on and record two EP’s at the Sound of Music studios in Richmond, Virginia (‘Heart’s in the Right Place’, 2009; ‘Horrible Calls’, 2011).

The 4th track off the Heart’s EP, ‘Honeysuckle’ appeared on the soundtrack for the motion picture Exit Strategy, which also featured a cameo by Kevin Hart so you know they were bringing out the big guns for that project. The 2nd track, ‘Sweet Tea’ was selected as Song of the Day by the indie music blog ‘Eat, Sleep, Breathe’. We were also featured on Beaconpass, BeatCrave, Jane and Deli Magazine and possibly some other blogs that don’t exist anymore. It was good times. 

Phil has kept the project going and you can check out all the great music on the Left Me Bashful website or the usual places as well (Spotify, iTunes).


HHS blue devils

I spent much of highschool wondering how my non-band friends didn’t think being in the drumline was cool…I still don’t get it. I mean just look at that plume. Like a Spartan.