Here’s what i’m working on right now…

(Update as of 3/25/2019)

Now Page Cartoon.jpg
  • Always promoting the For Now EP released earlier this year…on Spotify and iTunes.

  • Working with a very awesome illustrator on the children’s book that Nikki and I wrote. It’s a tale of two unlikely friends. Oh, it will have a soundtrack…

  • Writing blog posts for this site.

  • I finished building those shelves for my library. They came out dope! If you’re curious:

  • Making comics about stuff I read.

  • Figuring out how to record drums.

  • Studying the art of soul, by hanging out and observing my amazing wife.

    Back Burner/Thoughts:

  • Messing with a comic about working in finance at Amazon.

  • Get a camera so I can start making some cool videos.

  • Writing up some ‘behind the scenes’ content on each song from the For Now EP.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers: