My attempt to try and say one truthful thing every day.

Fri 8/15/2019:

So there's a new project I invented this week that I'm calling: #ThePlazaOfTruth

A little background:

Every morning I drive with Nikki to her office and then take my 15 min. walk up to Amazon. Around minute 7 I get to what I now refer to as 'The Plaza Of Truth'. This is when it gets strange.

I don't totally understand how this evolved but I had been experimenting with Instagram stories for a few days when the whole thing sort of came to me one night while lying in bed.

What I do is when I get to The Plaza I take out my phone, I look at the camera and start rolling the video. Then I try to say something truthful as I'm walking through it. Perhaps even useful, if I'm lucky.

And once I get to the other side I post it to Instagram.

It's very odd. And so far it's pretty hard.

But it's kind of fun. What's weird is that now as soon as I begin my walk my hair starts to stand in anticipation. The closer I get the more intense it becomes.

As soon as I'm done I know right away if I did it or not. And I immediately begin thinking about how I'm gonna try again tomorrow.

I encourage you to give it a go. You don't even have to post it or do it in public. Just take a video in your basement, watch it back and see what it's like. It's weird.

Anyways, here's where I'm rocking out and you can see me try if you interest is piqued: instagram.com/cbkunk/

If your feeling brave find a Plaza and try posting one. Tag me and use #ThePlazaOfTruth .(instagram.com/explore/tags/theplazaoftruth/)

It's strange. But it's kind of cool.