Ep. 3 - From India To AWS Finance w.Sid Dhodi

“There is no substitute for hard work.”

Today we have an interview with Sid Dhodi, my homie and teammate here in AWS finance. Sid brings the funny, we'll definitely be hearing from him again.

1:00 Sid’s origin story

3:05 Never try this…Sid & family land in NYC for business school

7:20 Flunking every 1st round interview

9:55 How Sid prepared for Amazon interviews

13:35 The biggest learning curve the first year – communication

16:10 Amazon’s data culture

19:16 Sid’s superpower that isn’t a leadership principle: hardwork

19:55 Using mental math in negotiations

21:50 What’s the culture really like?...it’s been great, there’s pockets at all big companies

24:00 The sales pitch – why Amazon is great and some last advice for interviews

25:00 Sid on Seattle, hobbies & value investing

Connect with Sid on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhodi/

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