What Podcasts I Listen To

I listen a lot. Sometimes up to 1-2 hours a day while I’m working out, doing yoga, walking around,, doing dishes…whenever there’s down time. I’m a big consumer and fan. So here’s what’s in my dome:

Last updated 10/4/2019

Here is my current list on heavy rotation [and subject matter in brackets]

  1. Gary Vee Audio Experience w. Gary Vaynerchuk [marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, community engagement, leadership, fear, happiness]

  2. Akimbo (Seth Godin) [human psychology & culture]

  3. The Moment w. Brian Koppleman [creative process]

  4. The Tim Ferris Show [dissecting high performance]

Here’s a list by category of what I keep in my library. I’ve alternated periods of my life of binging on many of these. They all remain in my library and I check in on what they’re doing from time to time:

Entrepreneurship & Marketing

  1. The Book Launch Show w. [author platform]

  2. The Portfolio Life w. Jeff Goins [writing life, creative entrepreneur]

  3. The Fizzle Show [entrepreneurship]

  4. Courage & Clarity w. Steph Crowder [entrepreneurship]

  5. The Mari Forleo Podcast [entrepreneurship]

  6. Smart Passive Income w. Pat Flynn [entrepreneurship]

On Writing Craft

  1. The StoryGrid Podcast [dramatic story structure]

  2. West Wing Weekly [show by show breakdown of The West Wing by Aaron Sorkin]

  3. The Writer Files w. Kelton Reid [tactical interviews with writers]

  4. Story Makers Podcast [misc. chat & interviews about and with writers]

Creative Life

  1. How To Be Amazing w. Michael Ian Black (no longer making new episodes) [interview show with creatives on how they did it]

  2. Big Magic w. Elizabeth Gilbert [creative life]

Great Hosts Who Have Compelling Conversations With Great Guests

  1. Fresh Air w. Terry Gross [interview show, culture]

  2. Joe Rogan [you don’t know Joe Rogan?]

  3. James Altucher [similar to a Tim Ferris style interview show]


  1. All Songs Considered (NPR) [new music]

Sports Stories

  1. 30 For 30 (ESPN) [sports stories, self explanatory]

The Craziest Siqqest History Show I’ve Ever Experienced

  1. Hardcore History w. Dan Carlin [this is sooo good, if you like history it’s a must]