Ep. 4 - Staying Close To The Business w.Karl Brenner Román

“For the first 90 days here I would try to sit as much as I can, or literally just move your desk to where your business partners are.”

Today we have an interview with Karl Brenner Román, Sid’s and my ‘cousin’ (by the org chart) here in AWS infrastructure finance. Karl is an energy finance guy and he’s  got some great insights on how he has found success adding value in finance at Amazon.

1:00 When do you stop counting your Amazon tenure in months?

3:00 Karl’s gig before b-school included energy retrofitting sugar factories, mmm

5:45 The albums that were on replay in Cost Rica as a kid

8:33 Favorite music venues in Berkley & Seattle

12:00 What attracted Karl to Amazon – promoting renewable energy

14:20 Considerations for FinTech campus recruiting at business school – company focus vs. product/team focus

17:45 Visa considerations in business school recruiting – discover early which companies have sponsorship for international students

20:00 On finding your balance at Amazon

21:35 Karl’s advice for first 90 days at Amazon – spending time with the business team

22:45 How to add value in finance

23:50 The difference in perspective of finance vs. the business

25:55 Finance’s obligation for long term thinking

27:40 Thoughts on career path, staying close enough to the business to ask good questions

29:10 Lighting round word association with Sid

30:00 Parting words for anyone interested in a career in tech finance – can you map your story and skills to the business’s need

32:20 What’s Karl doing this weekend?

Connect with Karl on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karl-brenner-rom%C3%A1n-6a963152/

Sid on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhodi/
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