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Charlie Kunken brings you a not-so-typical-approach to working in finance at Amazon all geared towards helping you perform better, forming stronger teams, reducing stress & anxiety, and having plenty of laughs along the way.

We’ll go micro on the day-to-day tactics and tips. We’ll go macro on creativity and mindset. We’ll give you all kinds of new ideas to play with about how to get into tech finance or what an optimal career might look like for you.

We'll also bring you guests who you might not otherwise have access to. And since our number one objective is to bring you value we'll listen to you about the things you really want to hear.

Charlie (that’s me) has worked in finance at Amazon since 2014, currently as part of Amazon Web Services and is also 1/2 of GoodBaby.band | Bass and songwriter for fornow.band | Recovering drummer | Author of the Art & Work weekly newsletter at charleskunken.com | Writer. Rider. New Yorker. Artist.



Here’s another little experimeint in the works with the brothers Kunken. The intro episode 1 is out: https://anchor.fm/is-it-safe-for-work with more platforms coming soon…

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The brothers Kunken bring you what might be called a rogue field manual with a unique approach to the corporate world. Ideas you won’t find in the employee handbook.

Creative thinking and mindset are just some of the topics among many that will help you position yourself for a successful career based on the new paradigm of work, not the past.

Charlie has worked in Finance at Amazon since 2014 and currently works within the Amazon Web Services. Jake comes from the construction and green building space.

Neither of them can verify whether this is actually safe for work.