Pilot #20 - Action Is The Only Real Teacher

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We only truly learn when we DO SOMETHING…


Action is the only real teacher.

Information, advice, and encouragement are inputs to action.

We only truly learn when we choose to do something ourselves. Right or wrong.


Our best teachers weren’t the ones who stuffed us with the best facts.

They were the ones who helped us learn something new about ourselves and carry ourselves differently as a result.

I accidentally almost majored in biology because of a great teacher who could have taught anything.


It comes down to our ability to overcome the inertia of doing nothing towards our dreams and moving towards doing something.

The first step (first draft, first try) is the hardest, overcoming Newton’s law of ‘objects at rest’.

It’s mucking out a smelly, wet, misshapen ball of clay at low tide. Mucking is brave. Only then do you have something to sculpt, something you can improve upon.


Leading, coaching, educating is to inspire people to take action.

If you feel stuck, what would you tell your stuck friend to do?

We lead each other and we lead ourselves.