AF#5 - No Matter Where You Work, It's The Stories That Get Us To The Middle

This is the mission behind the new ‘Finance In Tech’ podcast - because where ever you’re from, it’s the stories that get us to the middle…

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Art can be writing, poetry, dance - there are many makes and models.

But at the core they’re all the same thing:

An attempt at expressing the core of the human condition (purpose, love, connection, etc.)

Seeing The Core

You’re not restricted to operating from the core up to catch a glimpse.

You can also work from the surface down.

While you can express the human condition through art, you can also find the expressions hiding in plain site within our every day lives.

Like Earth

Whether you start in Iceland, Greenland, or China you can dig straight down from anywhere to get to the center.

And whether you’re a blacksmith, a doctor, or a gambler they're all just starting points too.

Different options for getting to the middle.


So we're making a podcast, 'Finance Guys In Tech', a show to draw these stories out.

Setting a foot trap to Ghost Bust 'em.

Our attempt to get to the middle, from here.

The foot trap. Ghostbusters (1984). Image: Columbia Pictures

Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis. (This makes two weeks in a row with Bill Murray references). Ghostbusters (1984). Image: Columbia Pictures

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