Pilot #18 - How To Leverage The Subconscious For Maximum Effect

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The subconscious is not just a storage device, it’s a processing machine…


You sit down on a Friday night and order a plate of wings, or a quesadilla, or maybe the appetizer sampler.

As the waiter gets your drinks you regard the local sports memorabilia hanging on the walls. All the while somebody else is off preparing your delicious meal.

The way your mind works is like eating at Applebees. Our conscious mind, like the waiter is just a fraction of the operation, a fraction of our total computing power.

The Kitchen

Our subconscious is an idea machine and works in the background day and night.

It processes all inputted information and formulates complex plans.

Then it reports back to the conscious mind what actions we are to take next. It is not merely a filing cabinet. It’s a Monte Carlo simulation[1].

Front Of The House

The first job of the conscious mind is processing temporary information needed to complete immediate actions, like computer RAM[2].

It can hold only a few competing thoughts at a time.

Its’ second, oft overlooked job is sending instructions back to the chef, setting the intentions we want the subconscious mind to be working on.

How To Code

Our subconscious mind is initially programmed by our environment. Family, friends, school all imprint upon it what is and isn’t possible.

The switch flips when we realize, if we realize that we can actually choose to program it ourselves.

We can put in orders for the specific outcomes we want in life but we must believe in them for it to actually work.

True belief is achieved by surrounding ourselves with new stories of possibility (books, podcasts, movies, teachers, your mediums of choice) versus the ones that were handed to us at birth.

Journaling, walks, affirmations. How you run these orders back to the kitchen is completely up to you.

Then Listen

As the Monte Carlo runs in the back it serves up the next best step to the front.

That’s called gut instinct.

Each step we take makes room for the next instruction. When we procrastinate we are holding up the cue.


We are limited only by the instructions we send back for preparation.

I do like Benihana’s but the mind is not a Hibachi.

The waiter doesn’t make the meal.

Program, listen, and do.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monte_Carlo_method

[2] The temporary memory a PC needs quickly for things like playing video games and web surfing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random-access_memory