TS #10 - Why You Must Live Your Truth (The Transformation Series Finale)

Shine a light where only you can reach. We need more Avengers…


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You should never be fearful to stand up for or live what you feel.

You have no time to be managing the responses (and insecurities) of others.

If your message is positive and your intent is to build than the only thing that should ever give you pause is if you catch yourself not being true to yourself.

The Equation That Screws You Up

You think taking no action is neutral, but you’re wrong.

Bill Withers (‘Lean On Me’) released his first album at 33. Samuel Jackson starred in Pulp Fiction at 46.  Julia Childs published her first cookbook at 50.

Every year that goes by you are smarter, wiser, better. You grow more potent, not less.

You have to internalize now how much good won’t happen if you continue to sit tight.

Myths That Hold You Back

Myth #1 Perhaps you believe your thoughts are unoriginal. The idea has already been written about by philosophers and Oprah.

Well I got news, Oprah didn’t come down off the temple mount with her message. She’s amplifying the words in her way from other humans that inspired her.

And nobody has ever said the words quite like you before.

Myth #2 There’s no point if you’re not going to be famous.

Even Barack Obama (ex-leader of the free world) only has 25 million followers on Instagram. That leaves 6.975 billion out of the loop. (*sidenote, Justin Beiber has 117 million.)

Your closest 100 family and friends may not be tuned in to the same positive influences you are.

But they are tuned in to you.

An encouraging word or inspirational example from a friend is more likely to change their lives than when it’s coming from the stage, if they’re even looking that way.

We Need Avengers

So if all the truths of humanity have already been said then why do we still have fear, anxiety, depression…war? We have the answers, don’t we?

Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t become Mr. Universe after one perfect bicep curl.

Every time you stand up, lead by example, act different your message takes root that much stronger - in your mind, in your community, in the world.

The Declaration Of Independence, women’s suffrage, the adult program at the local School Of Rock.

It’s not like Star Wars where one well placed shot to the Death Star takes care of everything. There is no one magic truth uttered once that leaves us all happily ever after.

Living your truth every day brings a little more light to a corner of the world that only you can reach.

We need Avengers.


As we bring the Summer Transformation Series to a close we have merely just begun.

Arnold’s first rep.

I look forward to seeing you on the path. We’ll exchange knowing glances in recognition of our fellowship before getting back to work.

I’ll see you on the march my friend. And so it begins…


**props to Gary Vaynerchuk for dropping an Avenger reference and seeding this analogy. I’m a big fan. Give him a look: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/

***Thanks to everyone for taking this journey of the Summer Transformation Series. It’s been real. We’re planning to make a souvenir of the experience. I can’t wait to start up our next series…next week.

If you want to chat just drop some comments or hit me up: charlie@charleskunken.com

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