TS #4 - You Don't Have To Know Where 'There' Is To Get Unstuck

Transformation Series #4 - And if you only realized it, you’d see that you can start to reverse it this week...


This is the 4th post in the Transformation Summer Series. If something’s been nagging at you in life but you’re not sure what then you’ve come to the right place. For all 10 episodes of the Transformation Series: charleskunken.com/season1


So you’re saying that what’s stopping you from going from ‘here’ to ‘there’ is that you don’t know where ‘there’ is.

Thinking that, is actually what’s holding you back.

Because it’s preventing you from getting started.


You can drive your car clear across the country at night despite the fact that you can only see 50 ft. in front of you at a time.

The opposite of being stuck is being in motion. You don’t need to know where ‘there’ is. You just need to pull out of the garage and flick on the headlights.

This problem of yours isn’t actually a big one, it’s small. You don’t need a massive achievement or arrival or life overhaul to fix what’s nagging at you. You just need motion.

First Some Housekeeping

You probably have a list tucked away of things you wish you had time to do. Learn salsa, write a concerto, study mandarin. Am I right?

You might call it your ‘Bucket List’? Doing these things would surely resemble a life of meaning, not to mention make you the most interesting person in the world.

But how are you ever going to carve out 10,000 hours to become a master guru in Jujitsu?

First you are going to rename this list.

We’re now going to refer to it as the ‘Example List’. That means it is now merely a placeholder for the kinds of things that might really light somebody up. Not the things you need to achieve in order to be fulfilled.

Follow The Spark

Two years ago I vowed to be a guy who has read all of Shakespeare’s most famous works.

Then I saw Justin Bieber on the Ellen Show.

Today I make pop music videos on my iPhone.

‘The Taming Of The Shrew’ is still waiting on my bookshelf.

I wish I were making this up.


I have a ‘should’ list too but I learned to double down on the things that I was finding most exciting.

Your assignment this week is to simply start looking for a thought, an idea, a dream that makes your hair stand up. What’s the thing you Google when you have a minute to spare?

Make a note of it because that that is your headlight and your navigation system.

(*’shoulds’ will feel more like homework)

Where To Look For Sparks

If it’s been awhile since you’ve flirted with the muse you might not know where to start.

Maybe whip out that old clarinet book and blow some ‘Hot Cross Buns’. Take a walk through the garage and run your hands over your tools. Read a Wikipedia page about that new industry you’ve been dreaming of working in.

I have one student who was going to sift through Tim Ferris’s book, ‘Tools Of Titans’.

If you have no idea, a great place to start is to think of those things you used to love growing up.

You’re like that old guy at the beach looking for change with a magnet. You’re just turning that sensor on to detect when a hint of electricity starts coursing through your veins.

Your Hidden List Will Be Revealed

You’ve actually already got a portfolio of interests buried inside of you that are even more fascinating than that ‘Example List’ you put together before.

You’ve now answered the call and there is no turning back. You’re on a mission to sub out the ‘shoulds’ with the ‘musts’. The riskiest thing you can do at this point is remain at rest.

Fear not. This is the beginning of a journey. Great job so far and be sure to tune in next week for more hair raising excitement.

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