TS #6 - Change Your Day, Change Your Life

The lifestyle required for your dream seems maverick because you’re only comparing it to the people in your immediate vicinity…


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I’ll give you baby steps to get you out the door and put you in motion towards your dreams but if you are unhappy with something, overhauls are going to be necessary and sooner rather than later.

No more coddling.

Real Moments Of Change

A few years ago I read somewhere that Michelle Obama would workout before 5am during her White House days to show her daughters how to work hard for yourself without making excuses.

Get after it, Madame First Lady.

I remember thinking, “see, people do that…”

Telling people, ‘follow your dreams’, or ‘never give up’ is motivational masturbation.

The major changes in the way I live have only occurred after hearing the specific nuances about how people I admire actually go about their day.

Tim Ferris eats sardines, Joe Rogan fasts 14 hours after dinner…it was not just a form of permission to live differently but a demonstration of what one actually does to operate at a higher level.

You want a different life, you need different details. I’ll be repeating that to the grave. (Hold on to your mouthwash).

On Moonwalking

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon it was one giant leap because nobody had ever been there before. A giant leap, finding your true path is not.

It’s more like stepping off the red eye at JFK.

It’s been done many times before by lots of people. You just don’t know them but they’re already living it, doing the thing, it’s been colonized.

The lifestyle required for your dream seems maverick because you’re only comparing it to the people in your immediate vicinity.

Go seek out and identify the trailblazers who say it’s ok. Watch how they do it. Define your sense of normal from them.

The unique combination of inspirations that you value will make something pretty special. So, you actually will be a maverick.

A Start

Maybe I can provide some permission for you to get going.

If you’ve been reading here for a little while then you already know that as often as I can I try to wake up at 4am (sans alarm) to get ahead on practicing guitar and writing blogs about the universe. Don’t worry it gets stranger.

To do so I have to try to get in bed by 7pm so that I can read and be asleep by 8. I’m not kidding. We sometimes have trouble sleeping because the neighbors’ kid will come outside and start playing basketball in his driveway. I don’t even need a light to read in bed while its summer, I use the sun. It’s absurd. My wife is very open minded. She plays music in the morning now too.

Be weird. Be different. Seriously, it’s how people make a lot of money. Then they are called ‘eccentric’. Be poor and strange so that you can become rich and eccentric. I’m putting that on a t-shirt.

By the way, rich doesn’t just mean cash. Happiness and purpose are rich.

A Day

Break your day into a pie chart of your waking hours and take note of what % you are: working, watching TV, doing errands, exercising, complaining, building the life of your dreams, building someone else’s dream, doing what you love with whom you love, adding value to others.

If you want to wonder why your life looks a certain way therein lies your answer.

You are the sum of how you spend each day.

Look at one. There’s your life.

At The End

After this you die.

There will be no compensation for people pleasing, pandering to the reactions of others.

There will just be wasted opportunity at best and loads of regret guaranteed.

So change your days now. Why wait?

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