TS #3 - Stop Telling Yourself 'Things Are Reasonable'

Transformation Series #3 - “Here lies Ned. His expectations were reasonable.” Let me ask you…how does that feel?


Something feels off in your life…but did I hear you asking yourself, “am I being unreasonable?”

Hold up for a second.

We have to address this before we move on.

Good On Paper

Perhaps everything in your life currently pencils out: good salary, respectable job title, wonderful family. It gives you pause to say, “wait a minute, this should be enough. Who am I to complain? Who am I to want more?”

Yes, we know you’re a good person. But you’re wrong.

Have no fear, this is why you have me, to explain to you why those thoughts are incorrect.

This Is Not Happiness Communism

When you have the perspective that life gives you things to enjoy it becomes very easy to lower your expectations in the name of being reasonable. You don’t want to be greedy. You don’t need a lot to be happy, right?

Herein lies the problem. It doesn’t work like that. It works like this. Are you ready?

It’s not about expecting things out of life. Life expects things out of you.

You got that?

It’s the whole reason you’re here.

Big things. Things that only you can provide.

And you can only provide them for us when you’re fired up.

So accepting that things are ‘reasonable’ is not doing anybody any favors. There’s not more happiness to go around now that you’ve taken less. You’re depriving us by settling and it’s backfiring your entire effort at being a good person.

That’s Why You’re Hear

You have a responsibility to undergo this transformation.

I don’t want to read an obituary that states, “Here lies Uncle Ned. He was a good guy, his expectations were very reasonable.”

Your grandkids will be standing around your grave saying, “I wonder what he could have changed if he knew he was supposed to give.”


We had to cover this before moving on, else putting the entire transformation at risk. But you got it now, right?

Ok, so where were we? Oh yes, ‘scripts’.

You know something’s off, you’re ready to create freedom, and now you know why you must heed that little voice. Great. So now what? What is it that you are supposed to go and do?

Now we’re actually ready to explore this question next week, I promise. Keep tuning in, you’re on the right path.

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Alright, good work peoples. We’ll see you next week…

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